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LEGO 6 Brick Kit

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915 million possibilities.

How can LEGO stay relevant as the world changes around them? Obviously, it’s a household name, but…

Our students, Lavina Chandwany, Rhea Kumar, and Rachel LeBlanc, were tasked with finding a way get teens using LEGO again.

Their idea focuses on understanding the lives of today’s adolescents and meeting them where they are. The primary insight: that for huge swath of the younger population, climate change and its effects are very much top of mind.

To appeal to that fundamental concern, our team proposes the Six Brick Kit: a way for young people to express their creativity on the world stage, through social media challenges and takeover of some of the world’s most iconic shopping destinations.

6 LEGO bricks have the possibility to be combined in more than 915 million different ways. They are the epitome of reusable entertainment. By focusing on those possibilities, the team intends to re-energize the LEGO brand.

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