The Art Direction Portfolio Program

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What does an art director do?

As an AD, ideas are your playground. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to bring brands to life.

Together with your copywriting partner (most pros work as a pair) you tinker and explore new concepts, and new ways of communicating your client’s promise. You create websites, billboards, TikTok campaigns…anything to deliver your message. Every day is a new adventure.

JAYANTA JENKINSHead of Content Marketing at Disney+
“Going to M.AD gave me the opportunity to know if this business would be right for me. I can’t describe how grateful I am for the experiences I’ve gotten through this profession.”

The Art Direction Curriculum at M.AD

What (and how) you’ll be learning.

Your training covers everything you need to know for a brilliant career in Art Direction.

Courses are practical. Instructors are all top communication professionals (art directors, creative directors, videographers, producers, etc..) They teach you the skills they use everyday at the agencies where they work. Class projects are realistic. You may even work on a live project for a brand and present your ideas to the client. Students have created a Super Bowl spot that aired, a Facebook app for UNICEF and a social media campaign for Burger King. 

You’ll use design, type, illustration and photography to create anything that can tell a story for a brand. Teamed with a copywriter you’ll brainstorm and produce magazine ads, videos, websites, TV commercials…maybe even  temporary tattoos, or an original action figure. It gets wild and creative. And the skills you learn will last for laugh.

It all goes down with an innovative curriculum of courses like:


  • Ideas First
  • Video Storytelling
  • Short & Sweet
  • Everything is Media
  • User Experience
  • Visual Impact
  • Motion Graphics or Short Cutz
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Gaming Concepts
  • Pop Culture Engineering
  • Social Media
  • The Brand Called You
  • Product Creation
  • Content Creation
  • Get a Job
Want to know what else you’ll be learning? Learn more about the courses you’ll take in the course brochure.

Hands On Experience Around The World

The NoM.AD Program

After spending at least one year (4 quarters) in your home location, you can apply for NoM.AD. This program gives students the opportunity to work and learn in up to four more cities around the world. Imagine client meetings in Atlanta, a photoshoot in Tokyo, or a breakthrough brainstorming session in New York. You’ll be working on the front line…and building your worldwide network of professional friends.

Each quarter, we send students a massive list of active opportunities. It’s like a backdoor into the industry. We have partners in cities like:

Our Teachers Are Industry Insiders

Art Direction courses at M.AD are taught by industry professionals. They constantly revise the classes to be as relevant as possible to the industry. What you get is the most up to date skills and best practices, applied to real projects based in reality, which produces the best work for your portfolio.
BRIG WHITEFreelance Director (Apple, Adidas, Amazon)
“Before M.AD, I was pretty much without a plan. I liked design, but didn’t know much about it. I liked reading books and watching movies. But other than that, I had no idea what I wanted to do."

Campuses Across The United States

Each school has a unique charm.
With campuses on both coasts (and one in the middle), the School of Ideas represents the best of what America has to offer. The cities we’ve chosen all boast a special blend of people, places, and energy. Just pick your creative cocktail.

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Processo Seletivo

Sua carreira criativa começa aqui.
Se você já tem uma pasta ou trabalhos prontos e quiser nos mostrar, tudo bem. Instruções: os trabalhos podem ser apresentados em layouts, impressos, desenhos (em folha branca A4 com caneta da cor que preferir), colagens, o que você achar melhor. Divirta-se! Criatividade é diversão, tenha senso de humor. Entregue-nos tudo, até mesmo aquelas ideias que não tenha gostado tanto – nós poderemos gostar delas. Coloque seu nome, telefone e endereço em todos os papéis.

Elaborar e apresentar os 3 trabalhos:

Briefing 1 – Séries Favoritas. Escolha aquela que você mais gosta e crie uma nova versão do cartaz de divulgação.

Briefing 2 – Abrace uma Causa. Pense em ideias que possam lutar contra algum tipo de preconceito: machismo, racismo, homofobia.

Briefing 3 – Toyota Prius. Pense em ideias para vender um carro elétrico.

O quanto você é interessante e criativo? Você tem um hobby?  Você participa de algum projeto social? Mostre para nós.

etapa 2

Fazer a inscrição e pagamento da taxa de R$ 149,00

(referente ao processo de seleção e não reembolsável).

Etapa 3

Passar pela entrevista com o coordenador do curso.

Quando começa a próxima turma?

Data de início: 8 de Março de 2022

Informações importantes.

  1. Programado ( até 25/12/21): No cartão R$7.400,00 (em até 1ox ) ou R$ 7.030,00 à vista no boleto.
  2. Antecipado ( de 26/12/21 à 11/01/22): No cartão R$7.908,75 (em até 10x ) ou R$ 8.325,00 à vista no boleto.
  3. Últimas vagas ( de 12/01/22 à 17/01/22): No cartão R$9.250,00 (em até 10x ) ou R$ 8.787,50 à vista no boleto.

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Crucial information about the Art Direction program.
  • Exclusive video content
  • AD Career Facts
  • Average salaries
  • Information on co-ops and internships
  • Example projects for real brands
  • Detailed application process

O network criativo

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Há 20 anos, estamos construindo a rede criativa mais influente do mundo: ex-alunos, profissionais que fazem a indústria e professores. Chegou a sua hora de fazer parte dela.

Quando alguma nova ideia surgir…você será o primeiro a saber. Ou quem sabe essa nova ideia não é a sua?

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