The Social Strategy Master’s Degree

The definitive program for social professionals in partnership with Florida International University.

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How does a Master's program boost your career in social media?

A portfolio from the School of Ideas, the most award-winning portfolio school in the world. A master’s degree from the prestigious Florida International University (FIU). Imagine where that kind of training can take you…

The world of social media is constantly exploding and rearranging. It’s a career of perpetual change. Who succeeds in that state of flux? Highly trained professionals who know how to adapt. That’s what our program is designed to do for you: prepare for a lifetime of strategic leadership and fast-pace, on-the-fly, creative adjustments. Social media gurus are in super demand. Content creation is exploding. For aspiring social strategists, the time is now.

Award-Winning Student Work

Our Master’s students carry out professional-grade projects for serious, real-world clients. The results are absolutely stunning.
Kevin EscaleraDIgital Marketing Director at RSP Nutrition
AND M.AD Social Media Strategy Grad
"The people who really flourish in social marketing are those who genuinely love social media. Social moves so quickly so you have to be an expert in the space. You’ve got to have a passion for it."

The Social Media Curriculum

Courses at MAD & FIU
Like learning a new language, the best way to learn your trade is through total immersion. The focus of the program is to drive your career forward by offering you world-class experience in social strategy and media communication. And it all happens with an innovative curriculum of courses like these:
  • Ideas First
  • Video Storytelling
  • Story Writing
  • Thinking Strategically
  • User Experience
  • Pop Culture Engineering
  • Global Communications (FIU)
  • Social Media
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Decode a Social Campaign
  • Theories of Mass Communication (FIU)
  • Law and Ethics in Mass Communications (FIU
Want to know what else you’ll be learning? Learn more about the courses you’ll take in the course brochure.

Our Partnership

How we work with FIU to run the program.

This is a 39-semester credit, lock-step program that is completed in five consecutive semesters including summers. Students take seven courses at the FIU’s Biscayne Bay campus and six courses at the MADl Wynwood location: FIU Biscayne Bay Campus – 3000 NE 151 Street, North Miami, Florida / MAS – 571 NW 28th Street Miami, Florida 33127. Students are strongly advised and recommended not to work while pursuing the program. The program is demanding and requires time and effort. There is no flexible-curriculum available as all the courses are pre-selected for the student. Please be advised that the school enrolls and selects the schedules for the students by cohorts. Students do not have the option to change schedules.

There are no conditional admissions options for GSC-Creative track applicants. The decisions are made individually and are not granted to international applicants due to the visa regulations and the implications of the conditional status rules.

GPA’s below the 3.00 range will not be considered due to our program’s very competitive and limited nature. We evaluate GPA based on the last 60 credits taken by the applicant on their bachelor’s degree. We do not count the first 60 credits of the bachelor’s degree, only the last 60.

Interested candidates MUST apply to BOTH schools individually. Two applications are required: One for FIU and one for MAD.

The NoM.AD Experience

Our students get real-world opportunities to work with leading agencies around the world.
This program gives students the opportunity to study and intern in up to four more cities around the world. You can even opt to take classes inside an agency…or intern at a leading company in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and other cities around the world. At last count 96% of the students had participated in our Quarter Away Program for at least one quarter. Over 80% of the students spent two or more quarters getting real-world experience. There are dozens of opportunities available to our Social Strategy students. You could work with:

Teachers Who Practice What They Preach

Master social communicators have an innate sense for the dialogue of the internet. They know what comes across as genuine and engaging…and what will backfire completely. So how do you learn those intangible traits that will put you over the top—in addition to the hard skills that allow you to spin internet gold? It helps to have a mentor who’s been there themselves.
Gioia-Nina van de FliertLead Video & Creative Producer at Blauw Gras
AND M.AD Social Media Grad
"If you want to change your job or even just your point of view, going to M.AD will broaden your perspective, help you find a job, and even make you grow as a person."

Study in Miami

Miami is truly America’s melting pot. Sons and daughters of Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia…they all live and work here. It’s a remarkable, vibrant city—a vision of the future. And of course, it’s home to the very first MAD campus.

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What It Takes To Get In

Most of our students have an undergraduate degree, and are from different backgrounds such as economics, theatre, fine arts, advertising and even political science. In fact we find that it helps bring a different perspective to the table. However, all you need to apply to this program is a high school diploma and a positive attitude!

Want to know more about course requirements? Learn more about what you’ll need to become a Social Media Master’s Student in the course brochure.

Processo Seletivo

Sua carreira criativa começa aqui.
Se você já tem uma pasta ou trabalhos prontos e quiser nos mostrar, tudo bem. Instruções: os trabalhos podem ser apresentados em layouts, impressos, desenhos (em folha branca A4 com caneta da cor que preferir), colagens, o que você achar melhor. Divirta-se! Criatividade é diversão, tenha senso de humor. Entregue-nos tudo, até mesmo aquelas ideias que não tenha gostado tanto – nós poderemos gostar delas. Coloque seu nome, telefone e endereço em todos os papéis.

Elaborar e apresentar os 3 trabalhos:

Briefing 1 – Séries Favoritas. Escolha aquela que você mais gosta e crie uma nova versão do cartaz de divulgação.

Briefing 2 – Abrace uma Causa. Pense em ideias que possam lutar contra algum tipo de preconceito: machismo, racismo, homofobia.

Briefing 3 – Toyota Prius. Pense em ideias para vender um carro elétrico.

O quanto você é interessante e criativo? Você tem um hobby?  Você participa de algum projeto social? Mostre para nós.

etapa 2

Fazer a inscrição e pagamento da taxa de R$ 149,00

(referente ao processo de seleção e não reembolsável).

Etapa 3

Passar pela entrevista com o coordenador do curso.

Quando começa a próxima turma?

Data de início: 8 de Março de 2022

Important Program Information


Tuition is $7,970 per semester paid to FIU. Tuition is based on the semester system with 5 installments for a total of $39,850 (plus fees) for both schools.

No assistantships are offered for this program. All students must cover tuition in its entirety.

Financial Aid & Scholarships
We work tirelessly to make MAD affordable for students of all backgrounds. For our American students, federal loans generally cover tuition costs. We also offer a variety of scholarships.
International Students
In the past decades, students have come to us from every corner of the world. If you’re worried about getting here, never fear: you’ll likely be able to attend the campus of your choice. Click for more about the visa process.

Have A Question? Reach Out.

Career advice with no strings attached.
Our admissions team love to chat with people like you—answering questions, proposing solutions, and making plans for a creative future. An advisor can help you figure out what’s next in your creative adventure. Maybe that means a Master’s at M.AD. Maybe it’s ice fishing in Kathmandu. Your advisor can help you work it all out.

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Vencedor do Grand Prix em Cannes em 2024.

Rodrigo Moran

Rodrigo Moran!

Diretor e Líder Global Criativo da família de aplicativos (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook e Messenger).

Ex-aluno Miami e professor do curso de Criação e Portfólio

Rodrigo Moran

Rodrigo Moran!

Diretor e Líder Global Criativo da família de aplicativos (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook e Messenger).

Ex-aluno Miami e professor do curso de Criação e Portfólio