You Don’t Know Any Victims of Police Brutality? Are You Sure?

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Miami Ad School San Francisco team creates “Six Degrees,” a Facebook campaign that shows how the issue of police brutality affects us all.

Six Degrees of separation between any of us and a victim of police brutality.

We see the news reports and wring our hands at the callous injustice of police brutality—the needless, indiscriminate loss of life. But, while we decry the inhumanity and empathize with the families of the victims, there is a tendency to think that these events, and these fellow human beings, are somehow apart from us and our personal world.

Miami Ad School San Francisco art directors Hanna Petersson and Kensey Lacy and copywriter Shireen Beygui earned Best in Show honors and the Jeff Barfoot Award at the National Student Show and Conference for “Six Degrees,” a campaign which uses our social media connections to show how none of us are as far removed from police brutality as we’d like to think.

“Six Degrees”

In a different take on the effects of social media, Miami digital photographer and videographer Ashley Hernández and copywriter Eddie Seiglie’s “Disconnected” is a poetic exploration and lamentation of our “connected” society. The project was selected for the Best Short Film award and received Judge’s Choice recognition.


Congratulations to Hanna, Kensey, Shireen, Ashley and Eddie! Their award-winning projects are not only evidence of their talent, they are proof of the power of creativity and its potential to benefit the greater good.

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