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The 2018 Graphis New Talent Annual Once Again Showcases The Best Up-and-Coming Student Creatives in the World

The 2018 Graphis New Talent Annual. Each pink flag marks the location of at least one piece of Miami Ad School student work.

The 2018 Graphis New Talent Annual. Each pink flag marks the location of at least one piece of Miami Ad School student work.

Every year, the Graphis New Talent Annual spotlights the best creative work from students all over the globe. Miami Ad School students, as you might imagine, are always well represented. The 2018 edition features 258 campaigns from our students all over the world.

New York | Shinyee Seet; Art Director—Platinum

New York | Shinyee Seet; Art Director—Platinum

San Francisco | Carolina Latorraca, Henriett Zsemlye-Racz; Art Directors • Margherita Teodori; Copywriter—Gold | Carolina Latorraca, Henriett Zsemlye-Racz; Art Directors—Silver | Carolina Latorraca; Art Director—Silver

San Francisco | Carolina Latorraca, Henriett Zsemlye-Racz; Art Directors • Margherita Teodori; Copywriter—Gold | Carolina Latorraca, Henriett Zsemlye-Racz; Art Directors—Silver | Carolina Latorraca; Art Director—Silver

Hamburg | Shao Tsai, Francesc Enrich; Art Directors • Carlotta Serra; Copywriter—Silver

Hamburg | Shao Tsai, Francesc Enrich; Art Directors • Carlotta Serra; Copywriter—Silver

Atlanta | Carolina Skarupa; Designer—Gold

Atlanta | Carolina Skarupa; Designer—Gold

“There is no better program in the world today to help prepare the next generation of advertising rockstars.”

—Barry Wacksman • EVO, Global Chief Strategy Officer @ R/GA

Being featured in the New Talent Annual—or winning any one of the many prestigious student creative competitions—can help your future career prospects. Winning awards puts you and your work in front of creative directors and agency recruiters from all over the world, and they’re always looking for new talent. Watch the video below and see where past Graphis winners found jobs after graduation.

Pippa Seichrist • Co-Founder @ Miami Ad School

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