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Ever wonder who goes to Miami Ad School? Curious about the kind of jobs they get when they graduate and beyond? Below you’ll get a glimpse of some of the people who found us and took control of their future. Now they have the creative careers they dreamed about. See where they were before they came to Miami Ad School and where they are now.

Andrew Keller art direction graduate

BEFORE: I was a premed student then spent two years touring with my band
NOW: Global Creative Director at Facebook

Johnny Cardenas / graphic design graduate

BEFORE: I got my BFA in graphic design from a Mexican university
NOW: Creative Director at Sonos music company

Danielle McKinley / strategic planning graduate

BEFORE: I received my MBA in marketing and worked in recruiting
NOW: Brand Planner at the Richards Group

Winnie Gundeck / graphic design graduate

BEFORE: Worked as an administrative assistant at National Geographic
NOW: Founder of Winfred Grace, lifestyle boutique

Zack McDonald / copywriting major

BEFORE: Studied political science in college
NOW: Creative Director at R/GA

Christine Clayton / graphic design major

BEFORE: I worked as a marketing manager and developed job envy for the graphic designers I worked with
NOW: Creative Director at International Cosmetics & Perfumes

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