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You’re invited to our most ambitious Insighters event yet: a 4-hour workshop with the makers and doers at Oxcart Assembly!

Mar 3, 2021
3:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST
Meeting ID: 948 1358 3417
Passcode: 582569

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And check out the full list of speakers here:


3:00PM Who Is Oxcart Assembly?

With co-founders Jeffrey Jetton, Adam Fitzgerald, Gregory George Moore, and Tony Gardner.


3:15PM Launch America Work

NASA Creative Director Paul Wizikowski & Oxcart Assembly Motion Designer Erik Loften discuss crafting the brand identity for NASA’s Launch America program: the historic return to American crewed space flight.


4:00PM Band as Creative Model

Brendan Canty, an all around polymath, is known for his work in the seminal art punk band Fugazi and documentary work with ESPN, the Jackass films, and more. He recently worked with Oxcart to score the title sequence for NASA’s Launch America, garnering hundreds of millions of views. Brendan chats with Oxcart co-founder Gregory George Moore.


4:30PM Branding an Engineering Feat

Raewyn Duvall, Tim Angert, and Alessandra Fleck of Carnegie Mellon University’s Planetary Robotics team will be putting the IRIS Lunar Rover on the moon later this year. They’ll discuss the intersection of design & engineering and how student-led teams are driving the next generation of technological advances and off-planet missions.


5:15PM Back on Earth

Coral Morphologic is a multimedia aquarium-based art team whose work has been seen across the globe. Jeff Jetton of Oxcart will talk to Colin Foord about his Coral City Camera project, awarded the Best Public Art Award for 2020 by the Miami New Times.


5:45PM Driving Digital with Ash Thorp

Adam Fitzgerald will sit down in conversation with designer, director, and one of the industry’s leading 3-D artists, Ash Thorp, to discuss the ever-blurring lines between the physical and digital worlds we live in right now.


6:30PM Robots and Vampires

Tony Gardner co-founder of Oxcart Assembly and one of the world’s finest special effects artists, known for creating Daft Punk’s identity, speaks with Ana Lily Amirpour, director of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Final lineup and schedule subject to change**

Come to explore the power of collaboration across space and time, and to get the inside scoop on their many brilliant projects. You’ll meet the key players at Oxcart, as well as some incredibly exciting special guests, including special effects legend Tony Gardner, the Carnegie Mellon Planetary Robotics team, former NASA Head Creative Director Paul Wizikowski, and more to be announced soon!



Oxcart genuinely represents the future of the creative industry. They have no offices. They work as a decentralized, multi-disciplinary collective on specialized projects all over the world. They’ve built a reputation for cutting edge work in branding, storytelling, strategy, content creation… just about anything it takes to capture the public attention.

How does that happen? Much of it comes down to the unique backgrounds and experience of the 4 co-founders: Tony Gardner (a visionary special effects artist), Jeff Jetton (thought leader and strategist), Gregory George Moore (growth-hacker and tastemaker), and Adam Fitzgerald (designer and storyteller). Together, their expertise tracks across cinema, advertising, strategic planning and foresight, audience management, business development—the list goes on.
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Working alongside NASA and SpaceX, Oxcart Assembly built the LAUNCH AMERICA identity including the on-air graphics, broadcast team uniforms, a redesigned logo, and a 100-foot banner on the outside of the Vehicle Assembly Building (itself an incredible feat). The mission had a peak viewership of 10.3 million concurrent viewers, making it the most-watched launch broadcast that NASA has ever tracked.

More recently, Oxcart Assembly has conceptualized the NASA Center Poster Series, a set of high quality, limited-edition collectible posters hand-drawn and screen-printed by artist Neal Williams of Epic Problems Print Shop and Design Studio. Neal recently created the official poster for SXSW 2020’s film festival and is one of the industry’s highest regarded artists.


The series kicks off with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and commemorates the successful landing of the Mars Perseverance Rover and Mars Ingenuity Helicopter.

Want to order one? You can find the posters here:

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Descubra se a inteligência artificial é uma ameaça ou uma aliada para os designers e para a indústria criativa com referências da área. 

Dia 24 de junho, às 18h30.

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