Recent San Francisco Boot Camp for Account Planning Grads Found Their Own Career Paths Out in the World

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San Francisco Boot Camp for Account Planning Graduates

Graduate:  Paulo Farias
Account Planner, Posterscope, Rio 

I am currently at Posterscope in Rio de Janeiro. Every time I remember my time at the Boot Camp for Account Planning, it puts a big smile on my face. That’s the truth and I really mean it. The boot camp was one of the craziest experiences of my life. I have great, amazing memories from that time. It was such an incredible opportunity to get out from my comfort zone and to aim for new heights not only in my career, but in my personal life too.

It’s about new perspectives. (And making awesome friends too!) It was challenging but, once you learn how to think differently, no one can take that away from you. It’ll stick with me forever, like a tattoo.

In my opinion, the biggest lesson I learned was finally understanding that everything in your life is about people. If you develop and exercise the ability to read people, you will be successful in this career.

Paulo as a student and as he is now.

Graduate:  Bart Zienda
Account Planner, freelance, Minneapolis

I am in Minneapolis, currently doing freelance brand strategy for a number of clients and volunteering for the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters.

Right out of Miami Ad School, I had a strategy internship at Colle+McVoy, where I led qualitative research for an animal health brand, wrote creative briefs for a regional bank, and worked on a winning new business pitch for Cub Cadet lawn equipment. The Account Planning Boot Camp gets your thought process in awesome shape and prepares you to work with awesome creative teams.

I wouldn’t trade my time in San Francisco for anything. The most valuable insight I learned is that good strategy is the art of sacrifice.


Bart as a student and as he is now.

Graduate:  Marco Moiso
Senior Strategist, TBWA/1492, London

Looking back at all courses and training I have done, Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Account Planning was definitely the most valuable and impactful one. Two years ago, I was working as a digital planner and wanted to become a brand strategist. I am now a Senior Strategist at TBWA\1492 and work on brand and communication strategies for a number of brands at a global level. I would not have been here now if I hadn’t decided to do the Boot Camp. The course gave me structure, clarity of thinking and access to a network of alumni who all have a common great experience at Miami Ad School.

Marco as a student and as he is now.

Graduate:  Rémy Müller
Brand Strategy Director, KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner, Zurich

I am working as the Brand Strategy Director at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner in Zurich, Switzerland since returning from San Francisco last summer.

The agency that sent me to the Account Planning Boot Camp gave me the chance to move from client service to the strategy department and I love it! Being further away from account service gives me the chance to dig deeper into projects.

I have more time to think in a completely different way about the goals of a campaign at the very beginning of the development process. Additionally, to work hand-in-hand with the creative directors of the agency is very inspirational and fulfilling.

Thinking in different ways was probably the most precious thing I learned in the Boot Camp. Reed, my strategy partner for the first few weeks, really helped me to see things from different perspectives. And, of course, everyone (from staff to students) made this time one of the most valuable experiences of my life!

Rémy as a student and as he is now.

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Vencedor do Grand Prix em Cannes em 2024.

Rodrigo Moran

Rodrigo Moran!

Diretor e Líder Global Criativo da família de aplicativos (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook e Messenger).

Ex-aluno Miami e professor do curso de Criação e Portfólio

Rodrigo Moran

Rodrigo Moran!

Diretor e Líder Global Criativo da família de aplicativos (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook e Messenger).

Ex-aluno Miami e professor do curso de Criação e Portfólio

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