M.AD Week in Review (Jan 8, 2020)

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The past week has been big for the M.AD community. Here’s a quick update on everything going on with our grads, current students, and other friends around the world.

What Our Art Direction Grads Have To Say

Ever wondered how professional art directors actually think about their craft? Ever wondered how they pushed their careers forward?

We asked 5 of our Art Direction Portfolio grads to tell us exactly what it’s like out there. Here’s what they said:

Angie Hranowsky in Veranda Magazine

Angie Hranowsky has come a long way since she learned her craft her at M.AD. These days she’s gracing the prestigious pages of publications like Coastal Living, Luxe, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and many others for her brilliantly casual take on modern interior design. Read through her recent feature in Veranda for a peek inside the mind of a truly bold designer at the top of her game—playing confidently with the line between traditional and cutting-edge.

Angie’s star turn as interior design innovator is yet another example of the varied possibilities open to M.AD grads. We may have started out as an ad school…but these days our alums are taking over in just about every creative endeavour you could imagine.

Keep it up Angie!

2021: Year of Vaccination – With Vic Parizzotto

Vic Parizzotto is that rarest of things: a real original thinker.

You see it in all her work…and her latest pieces show off that same hopeful, passionate creative energy. After the difficulty (and occasionally, misery) of the past year, we should all look to carry some optimism into 2021. Vic’s graphics showcase that spirit. Check out her Instagram to see some more.

And for an impression of how Vic’s own work has charted a microcosm of the COVID-19 experience, take a look at her custom mask designs from way back in the early days of the pandemic.

Mat Zucker: Lessons From 30 Creative Years

To quote our own Stephanie Grendzinski: “there’s no telling what Mat Zucker will do next…but we know for sure it won’t be boring.”

For almost 3 decades now Mat has been reinventing direct marketing for the digital age, in a myriad of different roles. This past Wednesday, he joined us over Zoom to tell us all about it.

If you were lucky enough to join us, chances are you’d be happy to hear him talk even longer. Read more of Mat’s thoughts here.

Kelsey Nash: Slay The Holidays

OK…so it wasn’t actually last week. But as we noted in a past newsletter, Kelsey’s Holiday Slay music video is absolutely can’t-miss entertainment.

After you’ve watched that (and picked your jaw up off the floor) check out our interview with the woman herself. You’ll get an up-close-and-personal glimpse into the mind of a budding creative.

Graphic Design USA Loves M.AD x Collins

Just yesterday, Graphic Design USA ran a story on the new M.AD brand identity.

After more than a year working with COLLINS to build a new brand that speaks to our core values, we couldn’t be happier to see the reception it’s been getting all around the design community. And just wait ’till we get our new website up…

M.AD Students Win Again

2020 ended with a bang: on December 31, the NYX Marcom Awards announced their big winners.

Among those celebrating? 4 Miami Ad School students from across the globe, recognized as Grand Winners for their fantastic project, GANG For Good. Check out the video they created that ended up taking home the prize.

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